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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weigh In and New Favs!

This is my new latest love...Laughing Cow! Tonight, I'm making Shrimp Alfredo with the Laughing Cow alfredo recipe and whole wheat pasta. This is the creamiest cheese and it's so versatile! I use it on eggs, on sandwiches, on crackers, on celery, and now on pasta. Yum! There are lots of recipes on their site that I can't wait to try. I'll post them as I make them and see which ones I like best! If you haven't tried their Chipotle flavor, hurry up and do so - yum!

On to my weigh in...173 lbs - and that's on a week's worth of steroids! I've had a lot of success during my 6 weeks on Weight Watchers. I'm averaging about 1.8 pounds per week, slightly more than my original goal, but I had weeks of no weight loss to make up for from this summer. It's great to fit in clothes I haven't worn in a year or so, and I'm looking forward to a big shopping trip when I reach my goal.

I got out and walked two miles yesterday and was thrilled to have no pain again, but today I'm limping due to pain in my left hip. Bummer. I didn't walk today, but I'll get out again once this is reasonable enough to walk with. I see the rheumatologist on Tuesday, so maybe she'll have some ideas to help me along.

Looking ahead, I'll be down and out with sinus surgery for a few days at the beginning of next month. On the bright side, I doubt I'll be overeating since it's really hard to swallow without being able to breathe through your nose. This is my fourth time. Let's just hope I make it out without double vision this time. I really like and trust my doctor and feel I'm in great hands!

My Christmas shopping is done, and I have Kindle books on my iPad ready to read, so let's bring on the cooler weather, please. This 95 degree stuff is for the birds! In fact, the hummingbirds are still flitting about like it's mid-summer. Geez. Migrate already! I'm ready for a fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa in my mug!

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Just visiting your blog, admiring your oct. pic. How are you doing now?