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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday Stats Day on Wednesday - LOL! 7/19ish

After spending Friday morning in the ER getting my leg sonogramed, I was supposed to sit around with it propped up for the weekend. Of course, that didn't happen. We ran errands all day Saturday and then we drove over to dinner in Jackson with Mama Jeanie and her sister Billie Lynn. Two hours over and two hours back. At least I didn't go over my two hour travel limit without stretching my legs - ha!  Sunday, we swam and ran even more errands, I napped hard, and fixed a lengthy dinner. Why? No idea. I planned on sitting but other people's plans kept getting me up. So here I am on Wednesday with a sore leg that hurts to walk on. It's just a painful tug but it wears on me. Of course, the sit down/prop up thing is a thing of the past. I'm supposed to be walking around plenty to get my circulation going. Bummer. I really don't feel like doing anything but sitting here typing up recipes and creating my family recipe album. Not much movement in that. Things have seriously got to change! Thankfully, my sister is coming to visit from Friday until Wednesday (lol- two hours to the airport and two hours back twice in a week - but it's not over my two hour limit!!) and we'll do plenty of walking around. We're going to the vineyard to listen to the music and meander around, we're going to Antique Alley on Trenton Street, we're going to swim plenty, and we're going to Natchez to see the antibellum homes and shop. Plenty of walking and activity will come over the next week. Yea!

So on to the weigh in.  I'm 174 pounds. No change in inches for two or three weeks now. I'm happy with that 6 pounds I'm down (10 pounds sinced the beginning of May!!) but I would't mind stepping it up a bit. Why? Not sure. I really thought a pound a week would be fine, but I keep traveling and eating and traveling and eating and I feel like I'm going to lose ground once the holidays get here. So...I'm thinking of adding protein powder into my diet (Almased) to keep my appetite down. Almased is a soy, yogurt, and honey powder that you mix in the blender like a smoothie. It's filled with fiber and good things for you. The down side is that it has a gritty texture that you can't make go away. I put cocoa powder, ground flax seed (soooo good for my heart!), and splenda in it, but it's still hard to put down early in the morning. I could just do it at dinner to curb my evening appetite. In fact, I think that's exactly what I'll do. I won't be doing the 3 stage diet plan because I'm not looking for a bikini body.  I'll let you know if it works for me. I hope I'll have some lower cholesterol numbers from it, too!

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