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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Row, Row, Row, etc.

We have an erg upstairs courtesy of our former rower, Rebecca. About three weeks ago, I decided to start rowing. Five minutes at about 25 strokes per minute was all I could do at first. Now I'm up to 2500 meters in 20 minutes at 23 strokes per minute. I'm sure that's quite pitiful in rower world, but this is Carol World so it's downright remarkable! I could have gone another five minutes tonight, I think, but I gave myself a wicked headache night before last from using neck muscles and back muscles I haven't used in years. I'll add another five on Thursday night, then another five on Saturday. I plan on rowing 30 minutes every other day rather than walking since my feet and legs hurt when I walk. Oh! I found out from my doctor that B12 deficiency can cause pain in your legs. That would explain so much about why I couldn't ever overcome the pain when I walked. Once my levels come back up, I should be able to walk pain free again. I'm praying for that.

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