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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday 6/20/2011 - Stats and a Request for Ideas

What a great weekend we had! Rebecca came home from Tampa with her boyfriend, Max, and we picked up crawfish to celebrate. We played volleyball the pool to work off the fries we had with the crawfish. Sunday we went four wheeling down at Camp Livingston. We lasted four hours in 104 degree weather. Lucily we were in the shade, but the heat and dry, dusty trails got to us. We were whipped by the time we got home. We got in the pool for a cool down, but I wasn't up for volleyball.

Today is staring out well. Gail and I walked a mile at Glenwood's track and are scheduled to walk on Wednesday. Much needed rain is predicted for Wednesday, but we'll just move our walk inside into Glenwood Medical Mall if we need to.

In taking a status check yesterday, I was pleased to see a little more than one of those pounds drop off. I weighed in at 187.7 so I rounded up to 188. I don't care about those tenths of pounds. Too much like my Weight Watchers days when everyone would shuck their shoes, belts, key, etc. just to weigh in. That's not what I'm after. That put a knot of dread in my stomach.  At any rate, it's been a month now since I really started and I've only lost 2 pounds rather than 4, so I'll have to make a few more changes. Since I've added a reasonable amount of exercise, I guess I'll have to start looking more closely at the food choices I make.

I'd love to know what healthy things my friends eat for lunches and snacks. Not many people have been posting here on the blog, but several of you email me privately on facebook. Either way is fine with me. I really need some help in this area because I'm out of ideas. Cupcakes 'n Carrots has some good ideas and I'm trying those, but I need more, please. I'm looking forward to some great, new ideas!

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