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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Stats Day 6/26

I've lost 3 pounds from my original 190. I know it doesn't seem like much, but remember that my goal is to lose 50 by 50 which is still 54 weeks away. I'm going to make it. It doesn't take a ton of effort, I'm discovering, to lose a pound a week. The challenge is in not gaining it back the following week like I did in Florida. I ate everything I wanted. If I do that at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every Tampa or Baton Rouge trip I take then I could see cutting my weight loss in half. So I'm ready to implement new vacation/holiday strategies: 

1. Breakfast:  Protein!  We always stay where they serve breakfast, so getting boiled or scrambled eggs won't be a problem. If they make fresh omelets, all the better because I can get egg white omelets with spinach and tomoatoes. There's always fresh fruit, too. If we're at a place where I can cook, then I'm in charge and can control what I eat. If we eat at a Panera, I can get a breakfast sandwich on ciabatta and eat only half the bread or I can get an asiago cheese bagel with light cream cheese and eat only half the bagel. 

2. Lunch and dinner at restaurants: 
             Option 1:  Look at the menu, pick what I really, really want and eat half.
             Option 2:  Eat from the appetizer menu and have a house salad with dressing on the side                                   and/orlight dressing.
             Option 3:  Order steamed or broiled foods, such as salmon and shrimp, with no butter or sauces.
                             Ask for steamed veggies, no butter.
             Option 4: Look for heart healthy options if they are listed on the menu.

3. Exercise!:  Rebecca and I are taking our workout clothes so we can take advantage of the gyms at the Marriot and Hilton. We're planning on going down to work out together so we'll have a buddy to hold us accountable for actually doing it! At the beach, I'll be able to swim and walk, but I'm still planning on getting on the treadmill or bikes.Fitness Center in Park Ridge/Montvale

I'm going to get to try these out this week since we're going down to Baton Rouge and Pensacola. My goal is to still lose a pound.

I'm not planning on taking my laptop along this week since our days and evenings are planned out, but I'll jot down my thoughts each day and post them on Friday or Saturday when I return. I'll blog the old fashioned way with paper and pencil - lol!

Now, for a belated post about Saturday 6/25 - we had a beautiful day! We walked two miles in the morning, canned pickled beets, lazed in the pool, played pool volleyball for about 45 minutes, and then wrapped it up with bocce in the backyard. I loved it! A day full of play!

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