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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half isn't Half Bad

I guess half a pound a week for the past four months isn't all that bad. I'd hoped for one per week but half is better than none, and it's sure better than a gain! Randy has been a huge motivator. He's been running nightly and cut back on his dinners and he's lost many pounds. He's had to have a suit taken up and he just bought a new one. He's looking good and feeling better. I love having company on this journey!

Tomorrow I get my second B12 shot. I have to say, I am feeling a bit better (less foggy brained until later in the p.m.) that I was last week. The antibiotic I'm taking isn't killing me and neither is the iron supplement. Woo Hoo! Next week I see the rheumatologist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll pinpoint my problems and help me get on the road to recovery!

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