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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weight Watchers Thursday Weigh In Day

I didn't think I'd see it again - 179! I started out at 194 at the beginning of May and I'm down 15 pounds. I'm so thrilled to be in the 170's! It's a shame I ever got this size in the first place, but I have to tell you that when you feel ucky so often and work a stressful job, it's rather hard to say no to comfort food at times. I used moving as an excuse to pig out, too. Finally, though, I feel in control of what's going on in my life and what's going into my mouth. Tonight I had a big pig out on Popchips - all natural pressure popped potato chips with no oils and all natural ingredients. I think it added up to a total of 9 WW points. I can live with that. Much better than a mac and cheese pig out or biscuits and gravy pig out! What a relief! Besides, my weekly "extra points" just renewed today and I still have 40 left for the week. lol. Some pig out, huh?

On the health front, I started my colcys yesterday and had no major adverse effects. The ulcers should subside and eventually stop. Not sure how long I'll be on it, but I'm thankful to have it. I go back to the rheumatologist in 4 weeks to see how things are going. Things are looking up. With the weather changing, I'm hoping to start walking again. I'm going to take it very slowly and see if I can avoid the pain I experienced last time. Randy is running now, so we'll head out at the same time, but I'll walk at my pace and he'll run on ahead and do his thing. This can work if we just keep going at it. I can't wait to have bloodwork done in two and a half more months to see if my triglycerides have lowered and my B12 and iron have raised. I'm going to borrow my friend's phrase of the day and say I have "high hopes."


  1. you go mommy :) are you updating your tracker at the top? TAKE A NEW PICTURE FOR THE SIDEBAR. Your daughter(s) love you.

  2. I'm really excited! I posted a new picture for you. I wish I could figure out how to leave the original and add new ones every three months or so. I'll keep working at it. :o)

  3. Okay! I got it figured out. Go me!