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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 3

Today was a great day! I chaperoned a fieldtrip to Excalibur (think Castle Golf and Games) and the kids were perfect! I got a bit of exercise walking around for 4 hours snapping pics and checking up on the little kiddles. Then, my coworker and friend treated me to an early birthday movie - The Bridesmaids. I'm sure I burned some calories laughing...raunchy, ridiculous fun!

Now, I'm snuggled into my recliner for the 2nd Lightning vs. Bruins hockey game. I'll definitely burn some calories over this game. We scored just 13 seconds in and it lit a serious fire beneath the Bruins! My heart is racing and we're not even 10 full minutes into the 1st period! The Bruins have a powerplay right now so we'll have to see where that leads...

Anyway, I got no exercise today per se, but I'm not feeling bad about it. I had a scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast, one slice of pepperoni pizza for lunch, a banana, and a piece of boudin sausage and corn on the cob (no butter or added salt) for dinner. No popcorn, no candy, no soda at the movies! Go me! Go me! Remember, I'm not on a diet. I'm just making better choices.  Go me!

Here's the link to The Bridesmaids in case you want to know more about it.  www.bridesmaidsmovie.com/