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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

It's rather cliche, I know, but it really was a terrific Tuesday! My out-of-state certificate expired so I applied for my new Louisiana teaching certificate today. I'll finally be official after 3 years - and highly qualified to boot since I passed the dratted Praxis. After teaching the first day of school in August, I'll be tenured, as well. What a great feeling!

School was great today, too! We decided to departmentalize, and I'll be teaching math. I just wrote math plans for this past year and made new tests for each week, so I'm very excited about specializing in that area. I'll miss teaching reading, but my teammates and I all had to sacrifice something we enjoyed to benefit the children. I love working with Gail and Sharolyn, my teamies - they make things fun! We're all looking forward to summer, but we're also looking forward to our new year in August.

To wrap up the day, I went and got my hair done, scheduled my surgery for July, and shopped for baby shower gifts. Then I came home, picked blueberries, and jumped on the rowing machine for 20 minutes. I would have loved to have rowed for 30 minutes, but there was no way! My heart rate went straight up, I broke a serious sweat, and my arms reached maximum fatigue. I know it'll get easier each time and then I can get my time up. It sure makes me respect Rebecca for rowing all these years. Randy made things fun by hoola hooping on the Wii while I rowed. He tried to beat Kelsey and Rebecca's scores, but came in 3rd place. That boy is too cute!

I can't believe how much energy I have during a week that has historically been one of the most draining weeks. There's something to this exercise thing...maybe that will keep me going for the long haul!

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  1. I am a Wii hula hoop master. Not so much in real life.