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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stats Day

Today is stats day! My baby steps are paying off. I lost 0.8 lbs (I'm a math teacher so I think I'll round up to a full pound!) and inchage (new word?) off of my chest and waist. It reminds me of Kelsey and Rebecca saving up their coins throughout the year. They'd take their jar up to the back coin machine just before vacation and always cashed in far more than it looked like they would. That's the way these itty, bitty changes are going to work for me. It doesn't seem like much, but when I cash in at the end, the payoff will be big.

So how am I going to stay motivated through the FMS pain? The ankle and foot pain are persistant and it doesn't walk off. In fact, that's what FMS is all about - pain with repetitive motion. It gets me out of vacuuming, but it isn't going to get me out of exercise.  I don't want to become discouraged, so I'm going to alternate walking and rowing to see if using different muscles will help. I'm also planning on spending a great deal of time in the pool. Swimming is the recommended exercise for FMS, so I'll take advantage of the weather and dive in as often as possible this summer! I have to say I'm enjoying the pool so much more than our old boat. Sorry Randy.

And finally - food! I promised Kelsey I'd try the Cooking Light recipes this summer. We're starting this week with Onion Tart and salad, Shrimp and Sausage with Pepper and Onions, Beef Stroganoff,  and Mini Chipotle Meatloaves. I'll post about them as we go.

Now I'm jumping into the pool. I'm hot and sticky from our walk, the pool is a lovely 80 degrees, and the temp is inching toward 90! Have a lovely Sunday Stats Day!

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  1. Shrimp and Sausage with Pepper and Onions! Yummm.
    I no longer have a coin collection since mine was stolen. I always use my debit card, so I rarely function off cash. Moist the coins I have are used as tips or to get me a diet mountain dew at work ;)