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Monday, May 16, 2011

So Far So Good

It's been one whole day and I'm still alive. I haven't run around the house eating everything in sight. I haven't even been tempted to do so. Could it be because I'm not using the word diet? Could it be I think the weight is going to melt off simply because I want it to? Not sure, don't care. I don't need to borrow trouble!

Tonight Randy and I will be walking our two mile route to the back of the hood. It's not a hardship to take in the scenery - it's absolutely lovey. There's a horse farm to the west and a lovely set of ponds to the east. Sometimes we see deer or hawks. A couple of nights ago, the bats swooped overhead. The neighborhood dogs tend to walk with us, so we're never lonely for company. The high today was 74 and the wind has been blowing nonstop so the temps will be great. I'll take pictures and post them to remind me that it's worth my while to get out there and enjoy the view!

Many thanks to all of my friends and family for your encouragement! I've gotten private emails and comments sharing your trials, adventures, and successes. I've received a LOT of advice that I appreciate - everything from how to measure foods to running marathons. While there's no "one thing" that will work for all of us, it's inspiring to hear how all of you kept looking until you found what worked for YOU. That's what I'm doing. I know measuring and recording calories isn't my cup of tea, but I have also learned that I like to keep a food log to see what I've consumed in a day. I intensely dislike anything gym related, but I think I can manage switching out between walking, rowing, swimming, Wii, and bocci ball since Randy is doing this with me. I have knee problems and won't ever run, but I would love to walk another 5K one day. I don't want to weigh my food, but I love Kelsey's reference list that tells me how to know how much a serving is by comparing it to common things:  1 serving of meat = a deck of cards, veggie serving = baseball, potato = computer mouse, etc. That's so my style! So please keep the advice rolling in! What works now may not work later when I need to get past a plateau, and I'll need your sage words.

So hang in there with me, dear friends. Check in when you can, when you're curious, or each day if you're willing. I need you guys!


  1. I'm not a runner either. I'll walk a 5K with you!

  2. Sounds great! We'll have to find one that accommodates both of our schedules this next school year. I'll be we'll come up with something we can both do.