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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally Saturday

This has been the longest week. I feel like we packed two weeks into one, but it's finally over. It wasn't a bad week, mind you. It's just that looking back, it feels like I chaperoned Excalibur a couple of weeks ago rather than a mere 4 days. I think it's the rotting out of the school year that makes it feel this way. On Monday I had 19 kids in class and by Friday I only had 8. Next Monday I'll have about 8 for an hour and then most of them will check out and go home after the awards ceremony. The rest of the week, we'll corral any that show up and they'll be kept occupied with a movie while the teachers attend Dibels 2 trainings and tidy the rooms for summer school. Very different from my old days but so much more peaceful and productive, too!

What I learned this week is that exercise gives me have more energy. I know, I know. What a duh! thing to say, but I really felt it this week. Each morning, I woke before my alarm ready to get up. With fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and restess leg syndrome, "well rested" is a rarity. Even better, I've been able to stay up until 10:30 or 11 without the ever present sleepiness and fatigue that are my usual post dinner companions. For the past semester, I've been lucky to stay up until 9:30, and as we say in Louisiana...that's just pitiful!

A note about Friday - I didn't walk because I'd been walking around my room all day packing it up and felt that was quite enought physical activity for one day.  I didn't post due to no internet connection.

Plans for today - Petco, drop off generator to get fixed, grocery store, 3D archery range, walk, swim if the weather allows, laundry and Tampa Bay Lightning Game 4!  Dinner will be Venison burgers, cole slaw, and grilled dill potato planks ala Martha Stewart. Yummy! Let's hope the world doesn't end today. It would be a shame to miss all that!

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  1. You're right, it's good the world didn't end because that dinner sounds awesome.